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Its been a while since i posted something here 😭💔 i've been too busy to write but sure not too busy to watch and read manage 🌹💕..... for this time i've chosen a really really really special Manga to me!! Am totally in love with it story, the characters, the drawings and the idea itself just captured me from the first episode, yeah i kindda watched the anime first 😣😣💖💖.....(Noragami) or (Stray God) in english in my opinion is a really under rated Manga 💔 🌹 it is a super natural, Action, Comedy and Romance manga which was written by (Adachitoka) and started serializing in (Kodansha's) monthly shonen magazine in january 2011, it has an anime version that started airing in 2014 with a sequel that was named (Noragami Aragoto) which started airing last year, with a total collection of seventeen volumes, an anime with two seasons and hoping for the third 💓 Noragami is obviously one of my fav💓
the story talks about "Yato" the god who has no shrine, no followers and not enough reputation to at least be recognized as a god, he can't be noticed easily and mostly not be seen by others,  in a desperate attempt to be recognized he started collecting (Five Yen)  to grant the wishes of humans, no matter how silly and annoying these wishes were.
in his quest to be known he encounters a young teen girl named (Hiyori Iki) whom soon after being able to notice him had an accident and ever since that her soul kept frequently slipping from her, she demands "Yato" to help her get her life back in exchange of her accident "all cause of him she says" and their journey begins.
this anime is super super cute if you are into goofy stories (not so romantic but still romantic), its funny, mysterious and full of surprises about yato and and Yukine who is yato's  spiritual weapon (he is a little boy who died and his soul been used as a weapon by yato), if you liked Kamisama Hajimemashita and Soul Eater,  then Noragami is the story you seek 🌹🌹🌹
i tried my best not spoiling it 😂😂💔 but srsly you must watch it 😣❤ and i'll be back with another plot soon 🌹🌹

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Taiyou No Ie "House Of The Sun"

Taiyou No Ie
House Of The Sun

It’s been a while now since i started   looking for a Manga that can capture my feelings, a story that I can immerse myself with to the point of forgetting the fact that it’s just a story, I wasn’t looking for a story, I was looking for THE story that once I start reading it I won’t be able to stop, and you know what, I think I just found my goal, Taiyou No Ie is the name of this Manga, it’s called in English House Of The Sun, a pretty catching name huh!
It’s a Shoujo, Romance, Slice of life, School life Manga, it was written and illustrated by Ta’amo and was serialized by Kodansha, the Manga’s first appearance was in 2010, it was completed on March 2015 with the collection of 13 volume, no news of an anime but I really wish they make one, in 2014 this Manga won the 38th Kodansha Mnaga award for the best Shoujo Manga.
The story talks about a 17 years old teen girl named Mao Motomiya, who grew up as a lonely child due to her parents frequent absent from home, to make it even worse, she found herself without a notice stuck in the middle of her parents divorce, her mother leaving her father to another man and staying with her father who showed absolutely no interest in fixing his relationship with her, her only escape from her life tragedy was her childhood friend’s Hiro Nakamura house, “Hiro is 6 years older than Mao” she used to play there with Hiro and his two younger brother and sister and being taken care of by their kind and gentle parents, she has always wished for a home that is as warm as theirs, but her sweet dreams soon became Hiro’s worst nightmare, when the Nakamura couple died in an unexpected car accident, leaving Hiro and his younger brothers alone, soon after that his relatives adopted his younger siblings but Hiro refused neither being adopted nor leaving the house his parents worked so hard to build, the little boy started his adulthood in a very young age, he started working while studying to support himself.
Mao on the other side had her own bunch of problems with her father remarrying and her new step mother and sister who seemed to took Mao’s father full attention, though her life was troubled, Mao always used to wander around Hiro’s neighborhood to make sure he’s fine and healthy, both of them kept their childhood friendship alive.
When Hiro learns about Mao’s circumstances he offers her to come and live with him at his house, Mao decides to stay with Hiro till she’s ready to confront her father and returns home, while she’s their she tries to return the Nakamura house to the warm house she has always known, trying to bring the three brothers together after they’ve parted for so long.
The art is quite good and the story is extremely amazing not to mention that this manga is an award wining manga so it’s on a different level than any other manga you’ve ever read, hope you enjoy it ^^


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Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisma Kiss)

Kamisama Hajimemashita
(Kamisama Kiss)

To be honest i found this anime by accident while i was googling for another anime but it turns out to be the most incredible accident I’ve ever had.....one of most incredible stories Kamisama Hajimemashita is truly the anime you must watch, written by Julietta Suzuki and serialized by Hakusensha , with 17 volumes and still ongoing and an animation show contains 12 episodes, one OVA and a second season is currently airing Kamisama  Hajimemashita AKA Kamisama Kiss is a romantic, supernatural, fantasy, school life adventure anime, it’s quite similar to Inuyasha in few things but their stories are quite different once you start reading.
 The story talks about a normal, high school, cute and super poor girl named Nanami Momozono who lives under the depts.  Of her always incepted, gambling father, after the sudden disappearance of her father and due to a serial of events she become the new god of Mikage shrine.
The main character beside Nanami is Tomoe, a demon fox guy with silky silver hair and cute fox ears, Tomoe is the shrine familiar who is supposed to take care of the shrine and it master, but when Nanami became the new Land Deity he immediately refused to become a familiar of a weak human can’t even protect herself, Tomoe as a powerful demon he seems to hate humans who as he says break easily, even though he was once in love with a human girl 500 years ago named Yukiji, a beautiful girl who died because of Tomoe’s friend Akura-ou, due to his painful memories of Yukiji when Tomoe met Mikge he spelled him and made him forget about her, in the further chapters of the manga Yukiji turns to be Nanami herself who timed traveled to rescue Tomoe’s life.

Tomoe is the guy who all the girls fall in love with, a super cute, silver haired guy, full of himself and extremely strong, yet very kind hearted though he keep on saying he hates humans he is very gentle and aware of their weakness, we see him always worrying for Nanami’s health, cooking for her and make sure she’s never harmed, so it was only natural for her to fall in love with him she even confessed twice and was rejected twice, further in the story he begins to feel things he can’t understand, feelings he always believed between a Youki as himself and a human can never exists and if it existed it would be a matter of time before it fails, he fights his emotions until near chapter 52 where he confirms his feelings and he admit it to himself that he’s officially in love with Nanami yet never told her.
Yukiji is the girl from Tomoe’s past, a beautiful woman whom was adopted by a rich family when she was young due to the destruction of her village by Youkies, being the only survivor of the slaughter her heart became full of hatred towards Youkies swearing that she will kill each and every one of them, Yukiji was engaged to a lord from Tokyo, because her entire family was slaughtered she had this dream in her mind that she wants to get married and give birth to children whom are blood relative to her,  in the Manga we discover that Yukiji is Nanami’s ancestor and that it wasn’t Yukiji that Tomoe fell in love with, it was Nanami who due to certain circumstances was disguised as Yukiji, Nnami herself didn’t realize that till later on, Yukiji sees Nanami with Tomoe one night and uses this to trick Tomoe to make him protect her and her still not born child after a powerful Youki whom is Tomoe’s friend named Akura-Ou killed her husband and the entire village as well, you might think that this is a mean thing to do but Yukiji isn’t an evil person, and she even loved Nanami and took care of her for a while, she and Nanami look alike they might even get mistaken for twins but Nanami’s eyes are different from Yukiji’s so when she was with Tomoe she never opened her eyes so he won’t know that she isn’t the girl he loves and adores so much.
Like I said its somehow similar to Inuyasha but quite interesting and incredible in its own way, Kamisama Hajimemashita is a manga worth reading and an anmime that defiantly you must be watching, with a great story, great drawings and a hot demon fox this is one of the greatest supernatural, romance stories I hope that you’ll read it and I hope that you’ll like it.

the pic is from a chapter where nanami turn 12 years younger ^^

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Gaken Alice

Gaken Alice
” Alice Academy ”

One of the-greatest manga i have ever read, Gakuen Alice AKA Alice Academe, a great story filled with tears, sadness, sacrifice and love, it’s also has quite amount of comedy in it, sometimes i even laugh when the situation is a must-cry in it which i think is what made it a worth reading manga because it teaches you that no matter how dark things can get you can always find a ray of happiness some-where.

  it was written by  Tachibana Higuchi and was also turned into a UN-complete animation with the same name Gakuen Alice, the main characters is Mikan Sakura a 10 years old girl who escaped home and ran after her best friend Hotaru Imai to bring her home after she was transferred into a special school in Tokyo, little did she know that the private school her beloved Hotaru went to was a school that only kids with special abilities called Alice could enter and after a serial of both fortunate and unfortunate event happened she enroll the academy as an Alice *trying as hard as i can not to spoil* and her journey of friendship, love and tragedy starts as she finds out the buried secrets of the academy, the evil behind the mask and the truth about her birth.

beside Mikan and Hotaru we have two others main characters and they are   Ruka Nogi and Natsume Hyuuga whom are best friends and both eventually fall in love with Mikan, we get to to know *in the manga* secerts about their pasts as well especially Nasume and his connection with Mikan’s past as well as we get know things about his family, the old and present Natsume and how the frienship between Ruka and Natsume began.

i have the feeling that if I said more I would spoil things up ^_^ so I’m stopping here, there are many others characters that are interesting too, but these are the main ones, you must must and must read it and I guarantee you won’t neither regret nor forget about it


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Love So Life

Love So Life

love, life, cruel reality, sadness, joy and hope have joint together in a Kouchi Kaede marvels Manga Love So Life, with 15 volumes released and still on going the manga for me is considered one of the greatest "slide of life" manga, no anime or any predictions of an anime though it would be amazing if there is. i'm still reading so I’m really excited about this manga cause right now I’m addicted to it.
                    The story *non spoiler* talks about a high school girl named Nakamura Shiharu 16 years old, who lives in an orphanage due to the death of her mother her only blood relative when she was little, her father whom to her information is dead, a mother who died and people who refused taking care of her, the little Shiharu felt like her world was falling apart, when she was enrolled in the orphanage she found she wasn't the only person who have no family, kids younger than her, eldest that didn't meet their parents and others whom were abandoned in the door step of the orphanage, she immediately get her strength back and takes on her shoulders the responsiplity of taking care of the other children in the orphanage or the Home for them now, with Shiharu’s growth the feeling of taking care of others grew along with her, to the extent that her life goal became to have her own day care so that she can be close to the children and support them out, when she enroll high school she gets a job in a day care in order to gather money for her life after the orphanage due to the fact that the orphanage will only take care of them until they are 18, and also to practice her dream job which is to one day have her own day care, in her job she meets the world's most cutest angels a twins named Akani and Aoi Matsunaga, an identical girl and boy 2 years old twins who recently lost their mother and living in the custody of their uncle by their father's side Seiji Matsunaga due to the disappearance of their father after the shock of losing his wife, Sei tan *as the twins call him* is a famous TV pronouncer who seems like turning into a father wasn't part of his life plan, he finds it hard to work on his career and take care of not only one but two babies who seems to do nothing but crying all day and all night long, one day after Shiharu enrolled the day care he comes to pick the twins to find himself stunned by the fact that they aren't just not crying but they are smiling and attached to someone they don't know and in a blink of an eye he asks Shiharu to become their babysitter, Shiharu loves the twins, and also needs money to secure her life after the orphanage so she agrees to Sei tan's request, while working as the twins baby sitter Shiharu becomes more and more attached to them, they reminds her of herself when she was little and day by day both of them cure each other's loneliness and sadness, and day by day Shiharu finds the family she had always dreamt of and soon she finds herself not only attached to the twins but also attached to their uncle Seiji not knowing that he also begins to feel the same way, for Shiharu 16 years old and Seiji 23 years old a chance of a romantic relationship seemed impossible so keeping their feelings hidden was the answer that both their hearts seeked for, the story isn't just different, it’s a realistic story that actually might happen or already happened, its joyful, enjoyable and extremely funny to read, the twins who are super cute, Shiharu who is extremly strong and Sei tan who is the world's most responsible guy he’s also hot ^^, yet the story isn't about our little four people family, there is a lot of stories going on and a lot of secret's reviling and so, Love So Life is the manga you seek if you're into shojo, comedy, romance stories, yet after all this you might lose interest in the story thinking you already got it figured out predicting the end, it’s a little similar to Special A in the parts where Shiharu is very dense and stupid due to her over kindled heart, but you eventually find your self reading it again because no matter how much you think you got the story figured out you'll be surprised by every chapter you read.

#NoonaChan ^^

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Special A

Special A

Special A is a shojo manga written by Maki Minami, the manga first appearance was in 2003 and in 2008 was turned into an animated series contained 24 episodes.
The story as we said is sorted as a Shojo manga, the story *non spoiler* talks about a girl named Hanazono Hikari whom is a very strong wrestling lover girl, a girl that adores challenges and love winning them till the day she had her first loss against a boy named Takishima Kei, a rich boy who is somehow out of this world, with his calm face and adult attitude Hikari found herself keeps on challenging him yet keeps on losing, and so winning against him became the dream she must fulfill by enrolling in the same high classed school as Kei, Hikari began working hard to defeat him not noticing the feelings that started to bloom in Takishima’s heart.
Hanazono Hikari is a high spirited girl with a heart that is full of kindness and a smile that always on her face, you may love the way that sounds yet her kindness and gentleness towards almost every one made her so dense to love not knowing what is love and not being able to recognize love, for Kei who have been deeply in love with her for almost 10 years*ever since they first met 6 years old till now 16 years old* ever since he fell in love with her tried his best to always defeat her fearing that when the day she’ll finally have her victory against him she’ll leave or so he thought, but for Hikari who’s unconsciously in love with him leaving Kei’s side was never an option she even told him on final chapter that “defeating him once won’t do”, the two of them begins a long story filled with laughs, tears, family reunion and exploring emotions SA is truly an amazing manga to read, though the story isn’t that catchy and a little bit doesn’t make sense *the part about 10 years and she didn’t had a clue hah!* yet once you start reading you’ll always find yourself hungry for more.

#NoonaChan ^^